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  1. john simon says:

    What is needed is solutions not gripes. We have lots of axes to grind and all worthy of attention. I am just a clarivoyant poet that has suffered alot and through this suiffering have been able to see farther than most making me clarivoyant..Its an ugly gift not anything to be happy about except my wondertful family and loving children and great friends I dont want to be morbid. What I want is peace finally in Israel and for America to last for ten thousand years. Free people have been betrayed by greed and I for one will not have it… I have a solution that has erupted inside me like a fountain of fudge tasting gold… I am half jewish on my fathers side and half english on my mothers side both met in England during the battle of britin, my dad was in the 8th air force my mom worked in a English factiory on a lathe creating parts for tanks and spitfires to get them back into battle..Thus their love created me….Here is the idea..Have A CONTINGENT OF Bucking ham palace guards and 25,000 UK bagpipers show up at the capitol of the USA, with 50 million American patriots, veterans and soldiers that were disgraced by the current pres not paying respects to the Tomb of the unknown soldier and the prayer celebrations at Arlington nartional cemetary for war dead. Let free people gather at the white house and sing hymns(God Bless America) and others to get his attention and ask for his resignation to and face charges of high treason. The current president was the first pres in the history of America not to personally attend this solemn occasion.Instead he went to Indonesia the largest muslim population in the world, soppending in excess of 200 million dollars a day .I believe this spending is meant to bankrupt America and bring America to its knees and not be able to support our Military machine and troops. This act of the pres not attending the solemn event was without question a defining moment of total disregard for America. It caused mental anguish in the armed forces of the United States military. I as a US Army veteran was very saddened that a pres would do this. It hurt alot and I am a civilain now; I can only imagine what it felt for those in harms way to be betrayed like this. The current pres and all his czars and eric holder and the FBI. DOJ, and homeland securitry need to be arrested for high treason now! We will need aprox 5000 American military police and 200 American tanks and arrest the current pres declare all his judgement rulings null and void and bring everyone associated with him in front of the USMC for questioning evaluation and determination of the charges of high treason. We need to start a Christian-Judaic- free peoples of all races and religions and colors , a crusade against the enemys of free people. I suggest furtherrmore training 350 million dogs and I love dogs, courageous loving animals that will smell evil and we hunt down the enemys of America and Israel and free people through out the world. (THEY LIKE BEHEADINGS I LIKE FEEDING THEM TO HUNGRY DOGS) I am a descendent on my mothers side of Christian Crusaders…It is in my bone marrow and I did not realize it till recently..When I spent seven years from conception to publishing my book, temple of the jaguar I was driven by a apparation of a christian cross inside a star of david…I wrote day and night for fear of my own death and not being able to get the story out. I intertviewed combat soldiers from viet-nam, which gave me a lot of pain and suffering to digest..Shelved TOTJ for two years fell in love with a woman and then continued writing totj till it was done its also a love triangle I was involved in..You can read several pages with Amazon I am not here to sell books I am here to save America and Israel and all free people from this islamic cancerous growth and I believe as Edmund Burke and Thomas Jefferson believed…”All that is needed for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke ..American Israeli soldiers do not die in vain….. to be continued, I have facts to back up my case for the immediate arrest for high treason against eric holder and the pres…Amen

  2. john simon says:

    We all have complaint, gripes, and what we wont stand for.Thats great now we need action!! Ideas that will protect a still free America, ideas set into motion..Complaining is almost useless…Will you complain when you are told that there i……s a free feast at a local college or shopping mall and when you get there as you are lined up for the buffet with freinds and family. You are gassed to unconciousness, orders given by the supreme commander..What we are dealing with is worse than adolf, adolf used bullets to kill the prisoners bullets and gas as people were herded like sheep. Our pres is smiling because he knows this is not politics as usual. He has a not so hidden ajenda, I have stated this ten times allready and not that many Americans are listening…or maybe you five are new here…I am up all night trying to wake America up but I am only one of a very few that understand whats happening…I am not here to scare people but what we are facing is a very rich devious enemy…CIA agents were murdered in Afghanistan, who had the most to gain?

  3. john simon says:

    We as free Americans must remember that we as a free nation are fighting battles around the world and if you think that the enemy is not here in America asleep until they get the supreme command to fight and perhaps die for Islam then you …are extremely niave. We as loving peaceful caring Americans have no clue as to how devious the enemys of freedom are and right now our freedoms are being dismantled across America. Our soldiers fight with weapons and all their heart here at home we have been betrayed by the NWO, the new world order of billionaires that want Americans to be subjects. Yes the New world order is on the march in our schools, in our security at the highest levels of government. We win a little battle fine but the war is raging and America is losing thats why our pres is smiling because he knows by the time Americans liberals democrats, constitutionalist, republicans. conservatives, right wing Americans realize the real ajenda it will, be to late and the holy war against Christians-Jews and all non believers will have won. Fighting tanks with shotguns and colt combat commanders is a losing batlle. Americans are fragmented and un organized..We have been betrayed as patriots and even liberals heads will roll when they announce their true intentions..I wish I was wrong..I truly do but the people of America have been betrayed…this is not politics as ususal this is Jihad…Happy Thanksgiving…Tsa security is not about security its about readying Americans to behave like sheep.They are slicing carrots and onions right now for mutton stew our new years celebration. Make no mistake even the pres staff will not be safe from jihad…..Bow and yeild to Islam or prepare to have your head chopped off with a dull sword.They want our land and our children and the end is nearer than you think….Praise jesus for help!!! Amen

  4. john simon says:

    John i just spent over an hour wiritng a long great peice and it got lost when I signed up for your newsletter..Basically America is out of time there is no time left for the saving of freedom…if America falls into total collapse as the current pres is planning and orchestrationg then Israel will fall as well…I love Israel………

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