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Political activism is rampant on US campuses today, with people who smokes illegal substances during the 1960’s and 70’s now teaching the youth about fake ideals like democracy and human rights. No, the ideals are not fake – but the teaching is. What they preach is modern universities and colleges is to respect rights of others – unless the ‘others’ are Americans you do not like.

Well, similar trend is ferociously spreading throughout Israeli high education institutions, and we are here to present single example out of many others.

'Occupation Is Here' On May 26th, some Hebrew University students took to the streets, under the slogan ‘Occupation Is Here’, walking from HU campus to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem. Besides the students, several lecturers were planned to participate in the protest.

The neighborhood is a constant source of news in recent months, after several Jewish families moved into a building in this Arab-populated area. Left-wing and international Palestinian Rights activists expressed fury over the expulsion of the Palestinian families – allegedly for failing to pay rent – as well as for Jews moving in. Radical Left-wing activists claim the move is part of Israel’s strategy to ‘Judaize’ East Jerusalem, some going as far as claiming Jerusalem’s mayor Barkat implements ethnic cleansing.

College or university students protesting against the government is nothing new. All around the world – from the Los Angeles to Tehran to Tiananmen, students cause uprising, urging their governments to change policy. The disturbing trend, however, is lecturers and deans demonstrating beside the students. On their Hebrew website, organizers of the protests claim that many of lecturers students knew nothing of – politics-wise – joined the protest. The organizers also ‘swear’ they counted at least 600 participants.

Academic staff should have all the rights of expression every citizen of Israel enjoys. The staff protesting together with the students, though, casts grave doubt over the objectivity of said lecturers, as well as their ability to keep politics away from class. Just as the organizers claim, some lecturers express their political views while educating their students, thus it is likely their worldview is slanted towards the Left-wing, liberal side. Such bias is unacceptable in an academic institution, whose goal it is to educate students to keep an open mind and think for themselves.

Israelis can learn this lesson from the Americans: radicalism, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is now deeply rooted in some liberal colleges and universities in the Land of the Free. It now seems that Israeli students will not be taught to think for themselves, but would be fed views by activist professors.


Logo of a radical Left-wing organization "Peace Now" In a blatant attempt to create a self-imposed Apartheid regime, Israeli radical Leftist organization Peace Now decried beginning of renovations on an old police station in East Jerusalem, as a prelude for construction of several apartment units:

Some 50 Jewish families currently live in six buildings in Ras al-Amud, where an American Jewish millionaire has purchased land for Jewish settlement.

The plan calls for the construction of 104 housing units on the land where the former headquarters of the Judea and Samaria police was housed before it was moved to a new building in Area E-1.

The plan for the building of the new settlement, Ma’aleh David, was filed for approval last summer by the relevant municipal committee at the Jerusalem municipality.

But Peace Now said renovations within the former station did not require municipal building permits – official approval that could torpedo the new peace negotiations.


ONE MUST REMEMBER that groups such as Peace Now, Breaking the Silence, B’Tselem and a few others are not being taken seriously by Israelis. Not only these groups mostly ignore Jewish casualties and anti-Jewish attacks, but they also do their best to de-legitimize Israel, using such tactics as writing off killed terrorists as civilians, organizing violent riots and allowing foreign governments to meddle in Israel’s internal affairs. When it comes to Jews being killed by Palestinian terrorists, you will never see these “human rights activists” – actually “Palestinian rights activists” – protesting Arab violence.

While the reader should take information released by such sources into consideration, it is important to understand the motives of such groups.

As to the construction itself, it could stifle negotiations and bring certain amount of tension between the two sides. Thus it would be in Palestinians’ best interest to go ahead with the talks, not use various stalling tactics and preconditions.