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A Hummus plate Quite a catchy headline, isn’t it? If you would to visit the websites of the likes of the BBC and Iran’s PressTV, you would believe Lebanon actually won a battle against Israel, and it did: a hummus battle:

A Hummus competition between Israel and Lebanon has entered a new phase in the wake of Beirut’s production of the largest plate to date of the Middle Eastern dip.

Around 300 Lebanese cooks joined hands to prepare a gigantic 10,452 kilogram dish of Hummus , the size of Lebanon in square kilometers.

It weighs more than twice as much as the plate of Hummus Israeli cooks had made back in January.


Lebanon has claimed the latest victory in the continuing battle with Israel over which country can make the largest serving of hummus.

Some 300 chefs set the new record, creating a huge 10-tonne vat of the chickpea-based dip in Fanar.

That more than doubles the previous record of about four tonnes, set in January by cooks in the Israeli-Arab town of Abu Ghosh near Jerusalem.


THE SECOND REPORT is actually the most accurate one, releasing an important detail: the Lebanese cooks won a “battle” against their own Israeli Palestinian brethren. Hey, at least now they can say they won something.