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Political activism is rampant on US campuses today, with people who smokes illegal substances during the 1960’s and 70’s now teaching the youth about fake ideals like democracy and human rights. No, the ideals are not fake – but the teaching is. What they preach is modern universities and colleges is to respect rights of others – unless the ‘others’ are Americans you do not like.

Well, similar trend is ferociously spreading throughout Israeli high education institutions, and we are here to present single example out of many others.

'Occupation Is Here' On May 26th, some Hebrew University students took to the streets, under the slogan ‘Occupation Is Here’, walking from HU campus to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem. Besides the students, several lecturers were planned to participate in the protest.

The neighborhood is a constant source of news in recent months, after several Jewish families moved into a building in this Arab-populated area. Left-wing and international Palestinian Rights activists expressed fury over the expulsion of the Palestinian families – allegedly for failing to pay rent – as well as for Jews moving in. Radical Left-wing activists claim the move is part of Israel’s strategy to ‘Judaize’ East Jerusalem, some going as far as claiming Jerusalem’s mayor Barkat implements ethnic cleansing.

College or university students protesting against the government is nothing new. All around the world – from the Los Angeles to Tehran to Tiananmen, students cause uprising, urging their governments to change policy. The disturbing trend, however, is lecturers and deans demonstrating beside the students. On their Hebrew website, organizers of the protests claim that many of lecturers students knew nothing of – politics-wise – joined the protest. The organizers also ‘swear’ they counted at least 600 participants.

Academic staff should have all the rights of expression every citizen of Israel enjoys. The staff protesting together with the students, though, casts grave doubt over the objectivity of said lecturers, as well as their ability to keep politics away from class. Just as the organizers claim, some lecturers express their political views while educating their students, thus it is likely their worldview is slanted towards the Left-wing, liberal side. Such bias is unacceptable in an academic institution, whose goal it is to educate students to keep an open mind and think for themselves.

Israelis can learn this lesson from the Americans: radicalism, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is now deeply rooted in some liberal colleges and universities in the Land of the Free. It now seems that Israeli students will not be taught to think for themselves, but would be fed views by activist professors.


Logo of a radical Left-wing organization "Peace Now" In a blatant attempt to create a self-imposed Apartheid regime, Israeli radical Leftist organization Peace Now decried beginning of renovations on an old police station in East Jerusalem, as a prelude for construction of several apartment units:

Some 50 Jewish families currently live in six buildings in Ras al-Amud, where an American Jewish millionaire has purchased land for Jewish settlement.

The plan calls for the construction of 104 housing units on the land where the former headquarters of the Judea and Samaria police was housed before it was moved to a new building in Area E-1.

The plan for the building of the new settlement, Ma’aleh David, was filed for approval last summer by the relevant municipal committee at the Jerusalem municipality.

But Peace Now said renovations within the former station did not require municipal building permits – official approval that could torpedo the new peace negotiations.


ONE MUST REMEMBER that groups such as Peace Now, Breaking the Silence, B’Tselem and a few others are not being taken seriously by Israelis. Not only these groups mostly ignore Jewish casualties and anti-Jewish attacks, but they also do their best to de-legitimize Israel, using such tactics as writing off killed terrorists as civilians, organizing violent riots and allowing foreign governments to meddle in Israel’s internal affairs. When it comes to Jews being killed by Palestinian terrorists, you will never see these “human rights activists” – actually “Palestinian rights activists” – protesting Arab violence.

While the reader should take information released by such sources into consideration, it is important to understand the motives of such groups.

As to the construction itself, it could stifle negotiations and bring certain amount of tension between the two sides. Thus it would be in Palestinians’ best interest to go ahead with the talks, not use various stalling tactics and preconditions.

East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan In an unusual step, Prime Minister’s office officially requested the Public Security Minister (heading Ministry of Internal Affairs) to delay planned march through an Arab neighborhood by Right-wing activists. The group, consisting of extreme Right-wing elements, was approved to march through East Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhood of Silwan, similar to one the group held at Israeli-Palestinian city of Umm al-Fahm:

"This is a rally by extremist elements that want to provoke the Arab population in Jerusalem. Such activity at this time may ignite the city and hurt diplomatic efforts being led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to assist the Americans in jumpstarting the peace process," the statement said.

It is believed that Netayahu’s unusual request was made due to the visit of U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell to the region. Mitchell is expected to depart Sunday night.


WHILE THE GROUP claims to protest illegal Palestinian construction in the area, Israeli radical Left-wing groups and Israeli-Palestinians say the residents will be outraged and consequences could be dire:

Silwan’s residents and leftist organizations are fuming over the decision to allow the rightists to march. "Even if the law allows them to march – it is a dangerous provocation," Hagit Ofran, the director of Peace Now’s Settlement Watch, told Ynet.

"The (rightists) want to turn Jerusalem into Hebron, where a handful of Jewish extremists force their will on the local population," she said.

Attorney Ziad Kawar, who represents Silwan’s residents, said the Jerusalem Municipality’s planning committee was at fault for not issuing building permits. "The committee is preventing us from leading a normal lifestyle due to political and extremist considerations," he said.


The situation requires much self-scrutiny: on one hand, one shouldn’t pour fuel to the fire that could ignite entire Jerusalem and – possibly – beyond. On the other hand, bowing to radicalism and violent extortion is a serious breach of one’s right to express him/her self. Sadly, it is like that once again the Israeli Police Force would be the one to separate the sides and be injured.


«THE TEMPLE WAS never in the Holy City [Jerusalem], and was absolutely never on the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque».

This is a statement of Mahmoud Al-Habbash, PA Minister of Agriculture and Welfare. It has been recorded on Palestinian TV, (PA TV, April 16, 2009).

«The Jewish connection to Palestine is a myth»

«They [the Jews] base themselves on myths and invoke the Jewish religion and Jewish faith, despite the fact that the truly religious Jews truly believe – and they have stated this on more than one occasion».

Dr. Marwan Abu-Khalaf, director of the Archaeological Institute at Al-Quds University. He made this statement on (PA TV, Feb. 27, 2009).

«Jerusalem is not a Jewish city». «The archaeological treasures in Jerusalem emphasize the depth of the city’s heritage and history; they emphasize its Arabness and refute the Israeli claims that it is a Jewish city… It is known that perhaps under every stone and in every corner, on every street and at every turn in Jerusalem there are relics. These relics say, «We are Arab, we are Muslim, we are Christian».

Dr. Marwan Abu-Khalaf, director of the Archaeological Institute at Al-Quds University. (PA TV, Feb. 27, 2009).

Source: Palestinian Media Watch:


My comment: There is no end of the anti-Jewish lies and propaganda on the Palestinian TV. There is no longer any difference between the rhetoric of Hamas and Fatah.

The Global infifada is on.

Radical Islam is working in tandem with United Nations, The Pope of Rome and World Council of Churches (WCC). There have agreed to work together until East Jerusalem is back on Islamic hands.

Radical Islam wants to see Israel face a tragic end. There shall be no Jewish homeland and nation in the Middle East.

Open your eyes. Stand up for Israel and the Jewish people.

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Israel to make Jerusalem more beautiful

Posted: May 10, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, News that matters


THE GOVERNMENT AND settler organizations are working to surround the Old City of Jerusalem with nine national parks, pathways and sites. This will upgrade tourist facilities in the capital of the Jewish state. The plan was assigned to the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA).

In a report presented to former prime minister Ehud Olmert on September 11 last year, the JDA described the purpose of the project as «to create a sequence of parks surrounding the Old City» all in the aspiration «to strengthen Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel».

If the program is implemented the public is granted, for the first time, a comprehensive view of how the government and settlers, working as one body. They will be creating a «biblical» territorial reign which connects Armon Hanatziv and Silwan in the south, Ras al-Amud and the Mount of Olives in the east, and Sheikh Jarra in the north, by connecting all of the land east of E-1.».

Source: Haaretz


My comment:

I feel this is another sign that the Jewish nation wants to make Jerusalem a praise to all the nations, making it a better holiday destination for people of all faiths. The leftist newspaper Haaretz is seeing a «conspiration» is this plan, trying to portray the government of Israel as colonialists. I regret this kind of attitude within Israel.

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unitednationsbuildinginnewyork.jpgRecent UN report accuses Israel of failing to provide adequate construction conditions for East Jerusalem’s Arab residents, effectively “push”ing them to the only viable option: illegal construction.

The crisis is due to the failure of Israel to provide Palestinian residents with adequate planning, together with the expropriation of about one third of annexed East Jerusalem lands for the construction of settlements, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) says in its latest report regarding the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory.

While about 190,000 Israel settlers currently live in East Jerusalem, Palestinians face significant obstacles to building and are confronted with a serious housing shortage, according to the report, entitled “The Planning Crisis in East Jerusalem: Understanding the Phenomenon of ‘Illegal’ Construction.”

Excessive delays, high fees and the uncertainty associated with the application process push many Palestinians to build without permits. According to OCHA’s conservative estimate, as many as 60,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem are now exposed to the risk of house demolition.

OCHA (Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) then goes on to label Israel’s control of East Jerusalem as ‘occupation’ (despite the fact that UN failed to take control of Jerusalem in 1948, as it was supposed to):

Families displaced as a result of these demolitions, OCHA says, are left in psychological distress and in situations of increased vulnerability due to the loss of their primary asset, debts, legal fees and heavy fines imposed by the Jerusalem municipality.

The Office underlines that Israel, as the occupying power, must ensure that the basic needs of the Palestinian population of the occupied territory are met.


Areas allowed for Jewish construction - according to the UN - marked green, while areas prohibited to Jewish construction marked with red.

Areas allowed for Jewish construction in and around Jerusalem - according to the UN - marked green, while areas prohibited to Jewish construction marked with red

For reasons unknown to us, UN report fails to note that Jerusalem municipal authorities fail to grant adequate permissions to all residents of Jerusalem – yes, including the Jews – with some waiting as long as three years or more to receive construction permits.


Another option – the only viable option for Jews – is to move to more rural areas, with construction costs lower than those of the city. In recent years, Jerusalem sees decline in its population, with younger generations leaving the city for less expensive zones. In past several years, Jerusalem municipality focused on building high-end apartments, particularly aimed at wealthy foreign nationals, who typically purchase such houses for seasonal dwelling. These buildings usually stand unoccupied for larger part of the year.

While uncomfortable, many Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem could move to countryside. This option is a tough one to take for most, as it would mean passing through West Bank check points daily (just as Jewish settlers in West Bank do). Yet, you cannot have it both ways here. Either you wait on permits, move outside the city or get your house destroyed. Israeli Jews face same issues – it’s just that the UN usually never underscores them.

A (hopefully) once in a life experience (probably not)

Posted: April 22, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Own Articles

Jerusalem's Malha mall

Jerusalem's Malha mall

It had to happen to someone, I’m just sorry it was me: You might already know that my primary job is PC technician. In addition, I am constantly working on this blog, thus overall I carry a lot of equipment in my car.

Last night, I drove to Jerusalem’s Malha mall, a large (by Israeli standards) shopping mall in prestigious Malha neighborhood. I parked on an empty small and went in to look for a keyboard, which would not pain my wrists every single time I blog.

Someone probably blesses me and thanks God I did that, as when I returned, I discovered I’ve been robbed, with all possessions gone. Portable PC, PDA/GPS, iPod, camera, cell phone (work one, I had my personal phone on my), Bluetooth earpiece. Wok equipment was gone as well: hard drives, DVD burners, keyboard, mice, power supplies, CDs, USB sticks, and even screwdrivers – all war gone. The radio was obviously gone as well.

Eventually, I made it to the Moria police station, whose officers have Malha under their jurisdictions. The policemen were actually nice, and the people from CSI unit actually did a good job of finding fingerprints on car’s doors, as well as taking my own prints. They even assured me there’s a chance to get the bad guys.

I am definitely going through the five stages of dealing with grief right now (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance).

Judaism often forbids hate and often promotes love towards your neighbor. I am not religious man, thus I do not know if I am allowed to hate or not. But with all honesty I can say that I wish many bad things to happen to those people. I also hope they would get their testicles removed in worst way possible. Soon.