MK Zouabi’s parliamentary rights to suffer

Posted: June 8, 2010 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians, Politics

MK Chanin Zouabi from Israeli Palestinian BALAD faction should lose her diplomatic passport, special travel rights abroad and free legal council, recommends parliamentary commission investigating Zouabi’s participation in a violent attack against IDF troops on board a ship heading to Gaza:

The vote was 7-1, with only MK Ilan Gil’on of Meretz voting against. The full Knesset must now vote on the committee’s recommendation. "We are pushing for it to take place quickly," Ben-Ari’s parliamentary aide Baruch Marzel told Israel National News. "It’s a good atmosphere." MKs Ben-Ari, Moses (United Torah Judaism) and others drank a L’Chaim after the vote. (Channel 7 News)

Extremist elements in Israeli society upped the stakes, sending threatening letters and death threats against Israeli Palestinian MKs:

Knesset Member Talab El-Sana (United Arab List-Ta’al) says he was verbally attacked by a guest in the Knesset building on Monday. Earlier, El-Sana received threatening messages on his phone and a fax reading, "You are dead." (Ynet)

"Because of your poisonous positions against Israel and Zionism,” the letter said, “the organization’s management has issued a Pulsa Dinura against you.”

"You have 180 days left to live. Your death will be sudden and cruel, accompanied by much pain… It is time that you prepare your will.”

Tibi said that “the incitement by right wing Knesset members is the reason for the threats, and right wing Knesset members will bear responsibility for any harm inflicted upon me or or any of my Arab colleagues in the Knesset.” He filed a complaint with the Knesset Officer. (Channel 7 News)

DURING PAST WEEK, many Israelis expressed their outrage over Israeli Palestinian MKs’ support of violent rioters on board Mavi Marmara, as well as support for Palestinian ‘resistance movement’. Recently, MK Ahmad Tibi threatened Israelis, saying Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping conditions to suffer if Jewish government would decide to worsen Hamas prisoners’ conditions in Israeli jails:

His denial notwithstanding, video shows that in an interview Sunday with Channel 1 Television’s Uri Levy, MK Tibi said: “Just as you are putting pressure on the prisoners in the jails we will put pressure on Gilad Shalit.” Tibi did not say whom he was referring to by “we” but the only possible explanation seems to be that he was speaking for Hamas, the terror organization holding captured Israeli soldier First Sergeant Gilad Shalit for close to four years.

The fact that his utterance was broadcast on television and is freely available for viewing and listening did not prevent Tibi from denying he ever said it, in a speech Wednesday from the Knesset podium. (Channel 7 News)

Israeli Jews feel threatened by the Palestinian minority, which assisted Palestinian terror during the past decade. On more than one occasions, Palestinians carrying Israeli IDs helped suicide bombers arrive at their destinations inside the ‘Green Line’, prompting IDF and the government to make extraordinary steps such as constructing the separation barrier.

Israeli Palestinian MKs’ fiery ‘fascist’ rhetoric never did them any good among Jewish population. However, radical speeches certainly keep their popularity high among Palestinians – target audience of the speakers.

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